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Indian Technical Education Cooperation(ITEC)

The ITEC Program was started by Government of India in 1964.  Training or capacity building is one of the major activities under ITEC. The professionals and people from 161 countries are offered unique training courses, both civilian and defence, in different centres of excellence in India which empower them with not just professional skills, but prepare them for an increasingly globalized world.

The training course are offered in the fields of IT, Telecommunication and Advanced Computing,  Management Courses, Accounts, Audit, Banking and Finance, Environment, Solar Energy and Renewable Energy, SME and Rural Development, Rural Electrification, Remote Sensing and other specialized courses.

Apply for ITEC Courses at  Website address

  • Applicants are required to apply for ITEC training program by filling up the Online application form and take a print out of filled form. This form is to be submitted to the designated Government Department of Egypt.
  • The Department is, in turn, required to forward the applications to the Embassy of India, along with undertaking by candidate and certification from employer (Part-II of Application Form).
  • Candidates may take printout of application and later check the status of their application by logging-in at .The credentials for log-in may be noted while filling up the form.

Who can apply

  • Officials in Government, after 5 years of service in the Ministry.
  • Candidates should possess adequate work experience

Eligibility criteria for admission to Courses

  • Academic qualifications as laid down by the Institute for the Course concerned.
  • Working knowledge of English required to follow the Course.
  • Age between 25 to 45 years.
  • Medically fit to undertake the training.

General Information

  • Applications should be completed online properly.   Full name as appearing in the Passport must be written in the Online Application.
  • Latest passport size photo must be uploaded online. 
  • Part-II of the Application also should be completed with date, address and designation of the forwarding Officer of the Ministry.
  • Applications should reach the Embassy of India at least 3 months before the commencement of the Course.
  • Upon selection, the Embassy will inform by email to the designated/nominating Department of Egypt and the candidate.
  • Selected candidates are required to familiarize themselves fully with the living conditions in India and about the Institute through the Institute's website.
  • Decision regarding acceptance of applications/nominations rests solely with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

For any further information/clarification, applicants are requested to contact our Embassy by Email at:

India Africa Forum Summit-III

In pursuance of our commitment made during IAFS-III held in New Delhi in October 2015 to offer 5000 scholarships annually for five years to candidates from African countries, many special course exclusively for African nationals are being prepared uploaded in the ITEC Portal. 

All the terms and conditions are the same as ITEC.   However, the IAFS Courses include specialized training such as

ø  Management of Rural Employment Projects and Poverty Alleviation;

ø  Advanced Leadership Development Programme on Governance & Public Policy;

ø  Online training course of 14-week duration on Public Policy;

ø  Program on High Impact Leadership/Managerial Skill Development;

ø  Leadership Development Program for Enhanced Public Service Delivery; 

ø  Training Program on Traditional Medicine;

ø  Special Medical Courses like Mid-Career Specialized Training For Medical Practitioners;

ø  Course on Eye Care Training (Ophthalmology, Optometry & Ophthalmic Nursing);

ø  Training programme on 'Feasibility Study and Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Highway Projects’;

ø  Training courses in Sewage Treatment Process and Fertilizer Technology;

ø  Training courses in Book Keeping & Accounting, Accounting Standards & Strategy to Implement Accrual System of Accounting in Government Departments Autonomous Bodies & PSUs, etc.

Most of the IAFS Course details are also uploaded on ITEC website and the procedure is the same.   For some IAFS Courses, a handwritten application has to be submitted to the Embassy. 

C.V. Raman Fellowship for African Researchers Programme

Department of Science and Technology and Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India(GOI) through the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry have launched the C.V. Raman Fellowship for African Researchers programme under the India-Africa Forum Summit to promote human capacity building through scientific and technological cooperation between Africa and India.

The objective of this Fellowship is to provide opportunity for African researchers to conduct collaborative research in various areas of science and technology in different Indian universities and R&D institutions under guidance of host scientists in India. This prestigious fellowship is aimed to further strengthen the bond between India and African nations in the fields of science and technology.

Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) is the 'Coordinating Partner' for C V Raman International Fellowship Programme. FICCI, on behalf of GOI, invites applications from African researchers for award of this fellowship for conducting research in Indian institutions across all areas of science and technology. Normally the Applications for the CV Raman Fellowship Program opens in June and closes in August every year.

Three types of Fellowships are offered, as follows:

-      Doctoral/Post Doctoral Fellowship for 6 months duration

-      Visiting Fellowship for 3 months duration

-      Senior Fellowship for one month duration

The details of Application Process is available at :